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This is the system file you should include if you are developing for the Axon II.
It will make sure that your compiler settings are appropriate: ie ATMega640 running at 16MHz.
The following functions are available for the additional hardware on this board:-
void statusLED_on() - turn on the decimal point of the LED display
void statusLED_off() - turn off the decimal point of the LED display
boolean button_pressed(void) - has the surface mounted button on the board been pressed?
The on board display is also automatically defined as:
SEGLED led_display = MAKE_SEGLED(C3,C2,C0,D6,D7,C4,C5,null,FALSE);
This means you can turn individual segments of the display on or off as well as write a character to the display. See segled.h for a full set of the commands you can use. For example:
segled_put_char(&led_display, 'A');
will write the character A to the display. Whereas:
segled_on(&led_display, SEGMENT_D);
will turn on segment D of the display - leaving the other segments untouched.
Note that the decimal point of the Axon II display (SEGMENT_H) is used by this library for indicating any errors.
The library will also make the on board display available as a Marquee called 'marquee'- see segled.h. This allows you to use rprintf to output text to the display which is then scrolled across the display.

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