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Adds support for various Matrix Orbital displays.
The currently supported devices are all driven via a UART and are:
MOSAL162A - (16 x 2 characters)
MOSAL202A - (20 x 2 characters)
The current code may well support other Matrix Orbital serial displays of the same format - try it but don't blame me!
These devices have a hardware header link to allow you to choose between 19200 and 9600 baud.
To create a new device then define a Writer:
Writer(myDisplay_put_char); // Forward definition of myDisplay_put_char - detail to come
Then create the device
MATRIX_ORBITAL myDisplay = MAKE_MATRIX_ORBITAL_MOSAL162A(UART0, 19200,&myDisplay_put_char);
MATRIX_ORBITAL myDisplay = MAKE_MATRIX_ORBITAL_MOSAL202A(UART0, 19200,&myDisplay_put_char);
Now implement the body of the Writer to send a byte to this display:-
   return displaySendByte(&myDisplay, byte);
If that seems complex - then don't worry - the Project Designer application will write all of the above code for you!
Once defined you should call displayInit from appInitHardware and then you can use other display commands as listed in _display_common.h

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