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Solarbotics L298 driver and Sparkfun L298 driver

Supports the Solarbotics L298 motor driver and the similar Sparkfun L298 motor driver.
See http://www.solarbotics.com/assets/datasheets/solarbotics_l298_compact_motor_driver_kit.pdf for the datasheet.
Each motor requires an I/O pin which provides hardware PWM and two I/O pins to control the direction.
Since we are using hardware PWM then the pulses sent to the motors are very exact. This library can cope with any number of motors and so the only real limitation is the number of PWM channels that your micro controller provides. Each motor controller board can drive two motors.
The remaining two pins are the 'enable' pins. If the motor is turning the wrong way then you can either:
Just use the generic example in Actuators
Function Summary

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