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TPA81 Thermal Array

Devantech thermal array.
This must be connected to the I2C bus and a 5V power source. Note that this library does not support the in-built servo driver.
The getCelsius() function will return the ambient temperature but you can access each of the individual sensor readings using the function getSensorCelsius().
Assuming you have called the device 'myTPA81' in Project Designer then you can use the sensor as follows:-
// Read the device and store values
// Output the ambient temperature
TEMPERATURE_TYPE ambientC = myTPA81.getCelsius();
TEMPERATURE_TYPE ambientF = Temperature::toFahrenheit(ambientC);
cout << "Ambient: " << ambientC << "C " << ambientF << "F\n";
// Output each individual reading
for(int inx = 0; inx < 8 ; inx++){
    cout << "Sensor " << inx << "=" << myTPA81.getSensorCelsius(inx) + '\n';
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