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Sets the value of a given colour bin.
This will return FALSE if the specified colour bin is higher than the number of bins this camera can support.
The min and max colour values represent two diagonally opposite corners of a colour cube.
Camera. setBin(bin,min,max)
Where Camera is the name you have given to the device in Project Designer.
The colour bin in the range 0 to number of bins - 1.
The minimum colour for the bin.
The maximum colour for the bin.
The min/max colours can be specified in any colour space you like (ie RGB or YUV) and will be automatically converted internally into the colour space used by the camera. Note that the sending of the colour bin to the camera may be delayed until such time as they will be used.
To set colour bin #2 to cover a range of REDs on a camera called 'camera1' then we could do:-
Color min,max; // create two empty variables
min.setRGB(128,0,0); // set min to RGB(128,0,0)
max.setRGB(255,128,128); // set max to RGB(255,128,128)
camera1.setBin(2, min, max); // Set the color bin



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