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Blackfin Camera

Support for the Blackfin camera from Surveyor Corporation http://www.surveyor.com/blackfin/
I am very grateful to Surveyor Corporation for answering all of my questions and helping me to support this device.
Note that this library ONLY supports the camera and non of the rest of the Surveyor platform. So please don't send me questions about the Matchport etc - I don't have them, haven't used them, haven't implemented them - so can't help !
The firmware on the camera contains some powerful image processing commands thereby allowing you to delegate this intensive work and free up your micro controller to concentrate on what you want it to do.
The camera uses a UART operating at 115,200 baud (although this may vary depending on the firmware version) to talk to the micro controller.
To know more about what bits to order and how to set them up then read http://webbot.org.uk/blackfin/
That page also has details on my own Blackfin Java Console which allows you to experiment with the camera connected to your PC to visualise the commands. I believe you will find it very useful.
The camera supports a number of video resolutions and these have been defined with the following constants:-
The default resolution is set up in Project Designer but can be changed using the setResolution function.
You must also make sure that the UART you are using to communicate with the camera has a receive buffer of around 80 bytes. If you fail to set up the receive buffer then you will get an error message. If the receive buffer is too small then you may also get an error indicating that the receive buffer has overflowed.
The next considerations is 'colours' and 'colour spaces'. The Blackfin camera uses the YUV colour space which is very different from the RGB colour space you are probably used to. This library contains routines to convert colours from one colour space to another - see Color. If you use a non-YUV colour space then this library will automatically convert it into a YUV colour as and when required.
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