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Scrolls a message across one or more LEDs.
Project Designer allows you to create a list of segmented LEDs (1 or more) and the marquee allows you to scroll a longer message across this line of LEDs. The AxonII has a single LED built in.
The library allows you to control the scroll speed as well as the 'pause' before repeating the message again.
When the message is scrolling across the marquee then there will be a brief flash if, and only if, the displayed characters for frame N are the same as for frame N-1. So if the message 'Webbot' is being scrolled across a single LED then there will be a brief flash to separate the two 'b' characters. However: there would be not flash if there are two leds as the sequence 'We', 'eb', 'bb', 'bo' and 'ot' are all unique.
The message will not appear until an end of line character '\n' has been received.
The marquee is set up as an output stream so you can use all of the 'print' and '<<' commands to send data to it.
Function Summary

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