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A low level function to start communicating with a given slave device if you are writing your own I2C communications from scratch.
This will try to start communicating with the given device. It's like dialling a phone number. If there is no reply then the function will return FALSE, otherwise it will return TRUE.
Once a communication link has been established you can use get() (if you are in read/listen mode) or put() (if you are in write/talk mode).
You can swap between read and write mode by re-issuing another i2cStart to the same device with another mode (called a 'repeated start').
At the end of the conversation, and before you can contact a different device, you must hang up the phone by calling stop().
I2cBus. start(i2cAddr,writeMode)
Where I2cBus is the name you have given to the device in Project Designer.
The address of the device you want to communicate with.
TRUE for write/talk mode or FALSE if read/listen mode.



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