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Provides support for communicating with other I2C slave devices/sensors.
Here is a somewhat simplistic view of I2C to save you reading the data sheet.
I2C allows you to connect one-or-many I2C devices onto the bus. Each I2C device has its own unique address (like a telephone number). The processor can only talk to one device at a time - in the same way as you have a list of phone numbers but you can only talk to one person at a time (before anyone asks - there is an I2C version of a 'conference call' but let's keep it simple!
I2C Master
This option allows you to access I2C sensors, displays, servo controllers etc.
I2C Slave
Allows your board to become a slave which can then be queried by a master robot controller board. This allows you to break a large project into lots of smaller boards that are responsible for a specific job - freeing your main board to do the overall control.


Project Designer supports the following devices


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