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To understand how WebbotLib works then you need to understand the difference between Boards and Projects.
A Board is the definition of a hardware board design - ie it will use a particular processor, at a given clock speed, and may be augmented with various devices such as UARTs, push buttons, motor controllers, etc which are built onto the board. Most processor pins, but not always all, are made available via header pins or sockets. Other header pins are generally available for power and ground supplies. WebbotLib includes some pre-built board designs for some of the boards that are commercially available including, but not restricted to, the Axon series from www.societyofrobots.com. Of course you may be using either a 'home made' board or a commercial board that WebbotLib doesn't know about. In this case you will need to run the Board Designer to define the board and save it as a Board design. Note: if it is a commercial board then let me know and I can add it to the list of 'built-in' boards that WebbotLib knows about. Of course you only need to create the Board once - or not at all if its already available in the list of choices.
A Project is based on an existing Board design (either one that I ship or one you've created yourself in Board Designer) and is created using Project Designer. Having selected the appropriate board you then specify what additional devices (ie sensors, motor controllers etc) you are going to plug into your board to create a given project. Hence you can create many projects from the one board design. Project Designer then allows you to generate the code for your project. This code includes all the setup and initialisation for the devices you are using as well as some example code showing how to use the device.

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