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Installing the library

This library can be used with Windows, Mac and Unix variants. It relies on several of my other utilities which are written using Java in order to work on these different operating systems.
Downloading a Java JRE
So the first pre-requisite is a Java JRE (Java Runtime Environment) Version 6, also known as 1.6, or above.
To find out if you've already got a copy of Java then, on Windows, you can start a command prompt and type in: java -version
This will either show you an installed version number or may say that it is an invalid command if you don't have Java installed at all.
You can always download the latest Java JRE for free from: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads and follow the installation details.
Downloading WinAVR
WinAVR contains the avr-gcc C compiler and other utilities required to turn your program into a file to load onto your robot.
If you've already been using ATmel chips then you've probably already got it. Otherwise download it from: http://winavr.sourceforge.net/download.html
Download Webbot Downloader
This is a handy utility that I have produced to help make sure that you are using the latest versions of my code. Each time you run it - it will automatically check, if you are online, that you've got the latest versions and download any new versions if required.
It makes installing the rest of WebbotLib a breeze!
To download it read my page at http://webbot.org.uk/iPoint/48.page and follow the instructions.
Once downloaded then run the downloader as described and it will automatically download everything else you need. If you've never used WebbotLib before then this may take a while and you need to wait until each entry has a green tick against it.
Once it has finished downloading then you have got copies of all of my software which are described on my website http://webbot.org.uk
Ok - that's it - you've got everything you need to start programming robots.
If you are using Windows then you may also want to download AVRStudio but WebbotLib does not rely upon it.

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