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Installing the library

The library is supplied as a zipped file and you will need to use a program such as WinZip to extract the individual files. Note that the file contains a sub-directory structure and so you must make sure that this structure is maintained when the files are extracted. So if your extractor has an option such as 'Use Folder Names?' then make sure it is ticked.
You can extract the files to any folder you want. But for the sake of this guide I will assume that you have extracted to a folder called C:\WebbotLib. If you choose another location then replace C:\WebbotLib in these instructions with your own folder.
Having extracted the files you will see that there are several files of the form libWebbot-*.a. These are the compiled libraries and there will be one for each of the devices supported. So for example: libWebbot-ATmega640.a is the library for the ATMega640.
The remaining files are all the header files (they end in .H) for inclusion in your own project. The only exception is 'version.h' which contains no code but just shows the version of the library that you have got installed.
Thats it - all installed.
If you want to make life easier for yourself then I suggest you download Project Designer from my website
This application makes it much easier to write your own programs because it generates all of the setup and initialisation code for the devices you use as well as showing you what wires you need to connect to each device.

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