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Version History

Don't forget: when upgrading to a new version you should ALWAYS regenerate your project code from Project Designer and then perform a clean build.
To perform a clean build in AvrStudio select the menu option 'Build, Clean'. If you are using the makefile then run 'make clean'.
C only Versions 1.35 and 2.08
Updated ADXL345 to allow you to set the refresh rate
Fixed LengthSquared bug in Vector2D and Vector3D
Fixed bug in HMC5883L where Y and Z registers are reversed
C only Versions 1.34 and 2.07
Added support for real time clocks in Version 2.07 only: specifically the DS1307 and DS3234.
Added support for Dallas One Wire devices in Version 2.07 only starting with the DS18B20 thermometer.
Added support for the HMC5883L compass.
Added support for the BMP085 pressure sensor (with functions to return altitude).
The Sharp wide angle distance sensors now returns the minimum distance across all 5 beams rather than the average distance.
All pressure sensors now return values in Pa rather than kPa (for better accuracy). So if you are already using one in your project then you will need to adjust your code see Pressure
Project Designer now has all 3 versions of the Sparkfun Razor board:-
1. "Sparkfun 9DOF Razor" is the original board
2. "Sparkfun 9DOF Razor SEN-10125" where the gyro was changed to use the ITG3200
3. "Sparkfun 9DOF Razor SEN-10736" where the compass was replaced to use the HMC5883L
The makefile generated by Project Designer is now better at recompiling parts of your program when dependencies have changed.
C only Versions 1.33 and 2.06
All PWM motor drivers now allow you to set the PWM frequency. Previous versions fixed this at 10,000 hertz but you can now specify the actual value. If you are using Project Designer then you can set the value against the motor driver and regenerate your code. Otherwise you will need to add the desired frequency as an extra parameter to the initialise function of the motor driver.
Fixed an issue whereby rprintf could go wrong under interrupts.
DroneCell (Version 2.06 only) - your code must now test the return value of DroneCellSMSInit otherwise a compiler warning will be generated.
C only Versions 1.32 and 2.05
For example: if your old code was something like -
SERVO_LIST myServo[] = { &servo1, &servo2 );
then it should be changed to -
SERVO_LIST PROGMEM myServo[] = { &servo1, &servo2 );
If you are using Project Designer then it will do this for you automatically by generating the project code again. You only need to make these changes by hand if you are not using Project Designer but are using one of the sys/*.h files instead. The examples in this manual have been updated to the new syntax.
When using the sdCard to store files then the datatype in WebbotLib was called 'FILE' but this clashes with a reserved name in C and so has been changed in WebbotLib to 'FATFILE' instead.
rprintf removed need to #define RPRINTF_FLOAT in order to use rprintfFloat
tone.h is now in Audio/tone.h
GPS - The returned values are now in degrees rather than radians. If you want the radian value then add '#include <math.h>' to the start of your code (to define the value of PI) and then multiply the returned degree value by (M_PI/180) to get radians. Also when accessing the individual values then you must add '.gps' just before '.info' ie 'myGps.info.longitude' becomes 'myGps.gps.info.longitude'.

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