Blackfin Firmware Upgrade

Every now and then you will need to download and install a new version of firmware for the Blackfin camera.

These instructions exist on the Surveyor site but I found them difficult to find - hence I've pulled them out here.

Blackfin Upgrade 1 First you need to connect to the camera. The following screen shots show Windows Hyperterminal screens but other communications packages should be very similar.

So first of all we need to create a connection to the camera at the default baud rate of 115,200












Click on OK to show the main connection window:-

Blackfin Upgrade 2

 Now we need to make sure we have got a valid connection.

Try typing an upper case V and the camera should respond with its version information. This should look something like the following.

Blackfin Upgrade 3


So now we know we have a working connection to and from the camera.

Next we need to tell the camera to receive a new firmware file using the X-Modem protocol. This can be done in Hyperterminal by typing an upper case X.

The Hyperterminal window should respond by displaying a 'C' every second or so - this means that it is ready to start receiving the new file.

 Blackfin Upgrade 4

Now is the time to locate the file to be uploaded. In Hyperterminal choose the menu option: Transfer | Send File and you will see the following:-

 Blackfin Upgrade 5

Use the Browse button to find and select the new firmware file to be uploaded. This normally ends in '.ldr'.

Make sure the Protocol is set to Xmodem and then click on 'Send'.

During the upload process you should see a Window showing the current process. Here's an example:-

Blackfin Upgrade 6

 Once complete your Hyperterminal window should say something like this (although the count may well be different depending on version numbers).

Blackfin Upgrade 7

 The above screen indicates that the file has been uploaded correctly - but does not mean that it has been stored in the camera program memory.


To do this you need to type in the following to commit the file to program memory:-


After a short delay the camera should respond with something similar to:-

Blackfin Upgrade 8

 Now that the camera has been re-programmed then it is safe to turn it off, wait for a second or two, and turn it back on.

The camera should now report a new version number/date in response to the 'V' command.