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Project Designer Version 2.2
2015-06-27 00:00:00.0

Version 2.2 has been released to allow easier use with AVRStudio 6.

 If your Project Designer folder contains a file ending with '.aps' then you delete it.

Regenerate your project in Project Designer making sure that you tick the option to 'Create AVRStudio project file'. This will create a fresh '.aps' file.

To use the project in AVR Studio 6 you should use the "File", "Import", "AVR Studio 4 project..."  menu option.

In the pop up window, in the 'APS File Location' section, Browse and select the '.aps' file generated above.

Click  the 'Convert' button.

That's it - you should now have an AVR Studio 6 project solution.


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WebbotLib Studio Version 1.19
2015-01-18 00:00:00.0

Version 1.19 has been released with the following features:-

  • Support for code 'libraries' has gotten better. To the extent that some code that was previously clogging up the main WebbotLib library hss now been moved out. Meaning that the core library everyone downloads is smaller and the 'extra' code is now an optional download if you need it.
  • Fixed the Doxygen help files to avoid a glitch whereby they showed the same super/base class multiple times.
  • Some initial libraries have been released
  • Some initial projects have been released - most noticably CenterServo for the Axon II - which is very small - and easy to convert to other boards.
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WebbotLib Studio Version 1.18
2014-12-21 00:00:00.0

Version 1.18 has been released:-

  • Device definition files can now create local power supplies - eg a motor controller board may have an unregulated 12V motor supply that is used to generate a local 5V regulated supply.
  • Fixed a quirk whereby reloading files that have been modified outside WLS caused the editor tab to indicate the file was dirty after being reloaded.
  • Fixed a quirk when choosing to save a Project that then told you the Project was changed and confirmed if you wanted to save it.
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WebbotLib Studio Version 1.17
2014-12-01 00:00:00.0

Version 1.17 has been released:-

  • The Windows toolchain (compiler/make etc) is now based on GNU 4.8.3 rather than 4.3.3 (WinAVR) as traditionally used
  • Help | About now shows the bit'ness of the JVM and the underlying hardware (eg a 32 bit version of Java on a 64 bit Windows PC). Whilst it is recommended that you use a 64 bit version of Java on a 64 bit PC WebbotLib Studio should now run ok if you are using 32 bit Java on a 64 bit Windows PC. It also shows the underlying compiller version.
  • The compile step of the download wizard now allows you to either build WebbotLib for all supported processors(Compile Now button) or to defer the building of WebbotLib for a given processor until you first use it (Compile Later button)
  • The CodeGen Dialog now allows you to set an extra parameter per project titled "Remove unused code/data (Alpha)?". By default this option is turned off. Turning it on will use new features of the GNU linker that attempt to remove data and code that is never actually used by your project leading to smaller executables. This is to be considered 'Alpha' - so if in doubt then leave this option turned off. NB don't beat me up if ticking this option causes things to fail - as this is GNU code not mine !!
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WebbotLib Studio Version 1.16
2014-11-25 00:00:00.0

Version 1.16 has been released and is largely a maintenance release:-

  • Help | About now shows the compiler version (once downloaded). Currently this is version 4.3.3 - the same as WinAVR - but I am preparing a new version as this is now quite old. This release is a step towards supporting different compiler versions.
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WebbotLib Studio Version 1.15
2014-11-09 00:00:00.0

Version 1.15 has been released with the following features:-

  • Breakout boards can now specify additional parameters - eg things such as on board I2C pullup resistors
  • Some re-factoring around Library support
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