What is WebbotLib Studio?

 It's a single download site that gives you everything you need to program micro-controller chips:

  • A C/C++ Compiler
  • An Integrated Development Environment (IDE) providing
    • Support for all of the power of WebbotLib, Board Designer, Project Designer in a single interface (Gait Designer will come later)
    • Powerful C/C++ text editor
      • Code assistance
      • Syntax highlighting
      • Block collapse/expand
      • Error Highlighting
      • Class/Method/Function browser
    • Integrated bootloader support
  • The ability to publish your own boards, projects and libraries to share with others. No longer do you have to just rely on me - the whole community can contribute individual parcels of work including documentation.
  • Cross platform: Windows, Unix and maybe Mac (if I can find a way to test it without buying one!)
  • Could be expanded to work with other chip designs (PIC or ARM for example) as well as existing AVR support
  • Select the WebbotLib Studio download sites that you trust and select which boards, devices, projects and libraries you want to install or check for updated versions.


How does it compare?

The obvious competition is:-

  • AVR Studio 6 from ATmel. But that only supports their (AVR) chips and AVR Studio only works in Windows as it's based on Microsoft technology. But their IDE has all the bells and whistles you would expect from a company that has produced C compilers for decades.... So its big and its complicated for the newbie and ties you to Windows and AVR.
  • Arduino. Their environment supports other operating systems beyond Windows (with some effort) but only targets Arduino compliant AVR board designs.The text editor is, when I last checked, a glorified version of Notepad missing modern IDE features. So its (too) simple for the newbie and ties you to their boards.

Obviously both of the above are based on quite mature technologies - but, hey, we all have to start somewhere !

Where do I buy WebbotLib Studio?

You don't - it's free.

Where do I download WebbotLib Studio?

See the install instructions.

What about documentation?

Once you download WebbotStudio then documentation will be generated for each workspace. Why by workspace? Well within a workspace you decide what architectures (based on the boards you use) and devices, including third party contributions, are to be used. Hence the documentation is different - some documentation is my responsibility - other documentation is the responsibility of the people contributing the device drivers.