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This site contains useful software utilities for both the amateur and professional robot builder. Whilst this software is Open Source I would hope, if it has been useful, that you will visit the download page  and click on the Donate button on the top right of the page and give what you can. These proceeds are ploughed straight back into the product allowing us to improve the software further, buy new sensors etc. Your support is key.


AVR Library for C and C++

WebbotLib is an ATmel AVR library adding powerfull functions to your microcontroller project. So whether you are a home-hobbyist or market professional then WebbotLib will make your project easier by seamlessly adding sensors, DC motor controllers, and stepper motor drivers from, perhaps, the largest available list available on the market today. In the rare occasion that you need additional sensors, or other components, to be added then contact us for a quote and timeframe.

AVR C or C++ Visual Project Development

Project Designer allows you to create a project for your target board in a visual way. This market leading configuration tool offers many features for both the professional user and the beginner. It generates all of the initialisation code and allows you to complete the program using your favourite IDE or command line tools.


"With Webbot’s new hardware Project Designer, it was a breeze to setup all the hardware, and I was programming in minutes. All in all my algorithm is only about 50 lines long. Everything else is taken care of by WebbotLib and Project Designer."


Yes - WebbotLib allows you to drive a lot of servos with no extra hardware..



Commercial board designers - please contact us if you want your boards to be supported by WebbotLib.


"WebbotLib - it just does it! "